Haldex Replacement Pumps

Specializing in GC, G20, G30, W900, and W1500 Series Pumps

The Haldex brand has an interesting history:

  • 1908 was the start of serial gear pump production.
  • 1921 Concentric was founded in Birmingham/UK.
  • 1929 John S. Barnes founded in Rockford/USA.
  • 1966 Hydraulically balanced high-pressure gear pump product range up to 220 bar launched.
  • 1977 John S. Barnes focuses on mobile hydraulic pumps. G Series product range hits the market in 1978.
  • 1987 the W series, external gear pumps were developed.

Prior to 1997 the company went through several acquisitions and brands; Concentric, John S. Barnes, Vickers, Hof, Statesville. In 1997 the brand changed their name to Haldex Barnes Hydraulics.

Hydraulic.net is your resource for hard to find Haldex replacement pumps.

Currently we are making these series to order:

  • Haldex GC
  • Haldex G20
  • Haldex G30
  • Haldex W900
  • Haldex W1500

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Hydraulic.net is a leading provider of replacement pumps for John S. Barnes, JBS, Haldex Barnes.

Hydraulic.net Series ‘AA’, ‘AB’, ‘AC’ are direct replacement pumps for Haldex GC, G20, G30 series pumps

G20s and G30s were designed by a company called Double A Hydraulics in the 70’s which later became Vickers and eventually sold to John S. Barnes which ultimately became Haldex. The Haldex brand was never the cheapest on the market but known for their durability and high quality.

GC pumps originally called John S. Barnes were one of the first hydraulic pumps to get a patent in 1935. Over the last 80 years more than 300K versions of this pump have been produced. A vast majority of these versions are obsolete. GC Series Hydraulic Pumps are compact, external gear models for use in pumping fluids with lubricating qualities. They are suitable for use in a wide variety of agricultural, construction equipment, robotics, and material handling in addition to machine tools and other types of machinery.

Hydraulic.net produces many of these obsolete pumps today. We are your resources for GC, G20, and G30 replacement pumps built to original specifications. Our track record over the last 30 years of working with major OEMs designing and producing hydraulic pumps allows us to keep providing the market with these obsolete and hard to find pumps.


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Haldex Barnes W900 and W1500 series gear pumps

Haldex W900 and W1500 Hydraulic Gear Pump Series are two families in the W series offering high performance, flexibility, low and high-speed operation and efficiency, and are ideal for low noise applications. The range of applications utilizing the W900 and w1500 series varies from agricultural, paving, aerial lifts, material handling, construction, paving, winch and turf care.

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