In-stock Replacement Hydraulic Gear Pumps To Get You Back Up and Running

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When you need a replacement hydraulic pump “right now” to get back in operation, we probably have the pump you need. We stock over 350 of the highest demand hydraulic pumps for 24 hour shipment.

These pumps have a wide range of applications from tractors, to heavy equipment and motor homes.

We want you to be successful and to be sure a broken hydraulic pump is no longer a problem for you.

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In-Stock Replacements From Top Hydraulic Pump Manufacturers

We stock a wide range of replacement pumps specifically for Webster/Danfoss, Haldex/Barnes, and Cessna/Eaton assembled, tested and boxed, and ready for immediate shipment. These are the units from reliable hydraulic pump manufacturers we have found we have the most demand for. We have stock units in all series and in the most popular displacements and porting options.

Stock pumps are our best deal and they are priced right!

Additionally, we have extensive past experience with these additional brands of replacement hydraulic pump manufacturers. We can probably help you with custom design and engineering for replacement hydraulic pumps for any of these pump manufacturers.

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John Deere





We specialize in a whole range of replacement hydraulic gear pumps.

Below is an overview of the series we are currently building to order.

Series ‘A’ Hydraulic Pumps

designed to replace Webster/Danfoss KA and YDA, Cessna ‘K’, Borg Warner/Rexroth P3 series.

Series ‘AA’, ‘AB’, ‘AC’ Hydraulic Pumps

direct replacement pumps for Haldex GC, G20, G30

Series ‘C’ Pumps

designed to replace Webster/Danfoss ‘KB’ series, with 100% parts interchangeability.

Series ‘F’ Hydraulic Replacement Pumps

designed to replace Webster/Danfoss ‘YC’ series. Its overall length is compact, generally this series is used in application where space is limited or requires flow divider/relief valve.

Series ‘G’

is a fixed clearance, all cast iron construction pump.  Designed to replace Webster/Danfoss HC series. We also use this in transmission charge pump applications.

Series ‘J’

originally designed to replace Webster/Danfoss ‘B’ and ‘HB’ series.  Have successfully interchanged with Barnes, MTE, and Fenner Stone Pumps.  This series also piggybacks to our ‘C’ and ‘F’ series pumps.

Series ‘M’

specifically designed for the Haldex W1500 series, Commercial Intertech Hydraulics, P17, and Dowty.

Series ‘L’

designed to replace HB W900, Bosch Rexroth 0510 pump, Dowty/Ultra 1PL pump and Borg-Warner S12, S16, S20, S30 series.

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